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Data alone is no good, you need actionable insights. ReputeMe provides you with just that and then some!

Quick-look Statistics

You can see the number of your social mentions across various platforms right at the dashboard. The percentage change and total volume can be drilled down to gather all the information you need.

Sentiment Analysis

We constantly evolve our sentiment analysis algorithm which lets you know the positive and negative sentiments about your brands and keywords. The trend of the sentiment lets you make strategic actions and gives you insight into how your customers perceive your brand.

Brand Comparison

With ReputeMe, you can now compare your performance with that of your competitor’s. Now gain the competitive advantage.

Filter Options

You can now get data on which countries were talking most about your brand and how it is was influencing the sentiment? Our filter options lets you drill down to languages, countries and various other demographics.

Demographic Analysis

ReputeMe gives you a detailed demographic analysis of the brand influencer and people who influence your brand the most. You can see the mentions according to location, top influencers and top links etc.


People Finder

You can filter the people mentioning your brand in terms of sentiment, influence and other social parameters.

Google Analytics

The integration with Google Analytics lets you track the performance of social media campaigns and how it affects the visits to your website.


We believe Social Media is not about selling; it's about making relationships count through engagement.

Social Platforms

All your social streams are arranged in columnar view which gives you an instant look into what's hot and what's not!

Engage and Promote

With ReputeMe, you can engage with your network and your customers all at one place. You can now track your competitors, listen to your customer's feedback and promote your brand in your network all at one place.

Language Translation

ReputeMe gives you the flexibility to understand and interact in any language. The system automatically translates the social mentions to a language of your preference. This is not all, you can also reply in their local language!

Manage Mentions

With ReputeMe, it's incredibly easy to manage your social mentions. You can read and reply, see the sentiment, take actions right on the dashboard.


Polls not only provide a great way of engaging with users but also gaining useful insights into your brand!

Themes Options

ReputeMe lets you make most of online polls and also lets you customize the theme to suit the looks of your brand or website. Need more customization done? Get in touch!

Poll Widget

You can easily integrate these polls on your website, blog or any other webpage you wish to display it on. We provide you the code and you don't need to be a developer or tech-wizard to embed it onto the site.

Real Time Analytics

We let you see the results and analysis on the go within seconds from the last participation.


Managing Social Media is important. To get the best, we derive the data and reports which you may need for further analysis or presentations. We let you take the data and reports wherever you go!

Data Download

You can download the data of any of the reports or charts as excel or CSV and use them for further analysis.

PDF Reports

With our customized Dashboard System, you can select the reports that you like and download them as PDF. If need be, these reports can be used in presentations.

Customized Report

We have an in house team of social media experts and would love to do an in depth analysis of your social media presence. Please get in touch with us and let's talk!


ReputeMe collects data from all major social media sites including blogs, video sharing and news sites

Understand your brand

With millions of data being collected across various channels, ReputeMe lets you understand your brand and make informed decisions.

Real Time data

We start collecting data the moment you save the keywords. With the real time technology, ReputeMe lets you track your brand and social mentions as they happen online.

Data Visualization

You can visualize your entire brand/ keyword related data in highly interactive flash based graphs.

Data Download

Any of the graphs from the dashboard can be downloaded.

Customized Data Collection

You want to analyze a little more than just about a brand. It could be historical data or sources that are out of social media scope. We can do a customized collection for you, drop us a line.


Social Media has given a new definition to communication. ReputeMe makes running social media campaigns they were meant to be – easy and fun!

Multiple Social Networks

ReputeMe serves across all major social networking sites including but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Facebook pages, LinkedIn etc.

Real Time data

We start collecting data the moment you save the keywords. With the real time technology, ReputeMe lets you track your brand and social mentions as they happen online.

Post Blog Feeds and schedule status

The campaigns let you post blog feeds, status updates and make customized polls. You can also schedule updates for the social media sites.

Tracking ROI

You can also track the ROI of these campaigns and get a status overview. ReputeMe lets you define the ROI at the start and shows you the progress of the campaign over time.

Link Tracking & Campaign Analytics

All your campaign related statistics are presented to you through graphs and charts. You can view demographic related data about your campaigns and drill down to the last possible information.

Customized Polls

ReputeMe lets you make customized polls which you can also embed in your website using the widgets. The polls can be customized to go with the theme of your site and shows you results on the go.

Email Campaign

ReputeMe also lets you run email marketing campaign as well. So you won't need to leave the system for sending out emails for your product promotions. You can import all your contact from various mailing clients and send emails from your own mail configuration.


If you are a team managing the social media requirement of an organization, ReputeMe provides advanced team collaboration to let you work together!

Assign Task

With ReputeMe you can easily assign work within team and track them.

Messaging System

ReputeMe provides one of the most simple to use yet powerful messaging system within the team.

Tracking Assignments

You can assign work within the team, track them and send reminders from any part of the dashboard. Keeping track of messages and assignments was never this easy!

Workflow Management

ReputeMe lets you keep track of the assigned tasks and messages sent/ received. At any point of time, you can see the status of the work which lets you manage the team as well as the work.

Alert and Notifications

The system send alerts to the team member on necessary updates and also notifies the team on the ongoing activities.

Customizable Alert Options

Talk to us for more on this!

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